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Les Naturelles

high quality products and an exclusive concept.

Silky Body Lotion

Ref. 980
From the very first application, this silky body lotion melts into the skin. The body is wrapped in a veil of softness and well-being. The skin becomes better moisturised, smoother and more firm.
CHF 37.80 Qty Product detail

Compact Powder Mosaic Harmony

Ref. 3434
CHF 48.60 Qty Product detail

Mask Lift

Ref. 725
To be used as a complement to Serum lift and Cream lift Booster. This mask helps to reduce visible signs of skin ageing and leaves the skin silky-smooth. Plumps the epidermis, making it look smoother and more tonic.
CHF 63.75 Qty Product detail


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Our company

Our company, established in the heart of Europe since 1978, benefits from numerous advantages : high-level scientific know-how and state-of-the art technical skills, unequalled professionalism and efficacy, an ongoing concern for perfection, creativity and a desire to innovate that benefit from stimulating international exchange.


We aim to satisfy every woman’s desire for well-being and to make her even more beautiful. In order to reach this goal, we offer a complete service, a real "specific package" of innovative up-to date products which are specially made to suit the needs of every user. Les Naturelles skin care products respond perfectly to the needs of your skin and offer effective solutions to your main skincare concerns.


Based on in-depth knowledge, our Swiss laboratories develop products which are at the forefront of cosmetic technology. These products are perfectly suited to different types of skin. The remarkably well-preserved sites and the strict legislation in our country encourage us to respect the environment, to work in observance of ethics, and to ascertain the safety-in-use of our products. Our cosmetics are manufactured with harmless, non-animal derived ingredients. They do not contain mineral oil.


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